Our success is measured by the weight we have taken off your shoulders.

Choosing the right law firm to help with estate and elder care planning can have a tremendous impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones. Here are just a few unique ways that we help families make these important decisions.

We Make It Easy

Seniors and those caring for aging parents have many demands placed on them.

Estate and elder care planning can require a lot of work on the client’s end. For example, family members might have to gather financial information for a Medicaid application, or perhaps communicate with financial institutions about funding a newly created lifetime trust.

To ease this burden for our clients, we do most or all of this legwork. And this seems appropriate. In our opinion, the client’s primary job should be to clearly understand his or her goals and to choose from the available legal options how best to accomplish them. The rest of the work we can handle – and we do.

We Listen

Establishing trust and a great working relationship with clients is our top priority and we accomplish it by listening to you. Families often come to us because they didn’t feel heard by their previous firm. Or they were rushed through a cookie-cutter process not designed for their uniquely complex and emotional situation.

We understand that the first step in any representation is to listen to our clients and come to understand both the legal issue that brought them to us as well as the underlying personal issues that are motivating them. With this deeper understanding, we can use our expertise to help tailor a plan that fits each person’s unique situation.

Clear Fees

Certainty is a wonderful thing. Receiving an unexpected lawyer bill is not. At Piede Law LLP, we strive to remove any unpleasant surprises by performing our work on a flat-fee basis whenever possible. We discuss fees up-front so there are no surprises. Additionally, where flat-fees aren’t an option, we make every effort to work as efficiently as possible – saving clients both time and money.