People need competent, compassionate support during difficult times.

The death of a loved one creates extraordinary challenges amid the grief of that loss. Piede Law LLP offers complete trust and estate administration services. From securing belongings and notifying heirs to transferring assets to the intended beneficiaries ­– we are here to guide you every step of the way.


is the process of transferring assets from a decedent to his or her heirs. It involves having the person who is named executor in the last will and testament appointed executor by the court, marshaling (or gathering together) the estate assets, accounting for the assets to all the heirs, and collecting the necessary receipts to ensure the executor is never subject to legal liability for his or her service as the estate’s executor.

The process is centuries old, cumbersome, and lengthy. Our objective is to take onto our shoulders the weight that is put on yours. The petitions, inventories, accounting, releases, and many other details that are involved in the probate process are things we do so you can focus on your emotional needs and those of your grieving family.

Trust Administration

A Trust Administration is similar to a probate administration and can be quicker and less costly for heirs. The time required to administer a trust is much less than to probate a will and, because the Surrogate Court is generally not involved, the fees for a trust administration can be substantially lower than for probating a will.

With so much uncertainty, we aim to give clients a sense of stability. The trust and estate administration process begins by filling out a confidential worksheet, which should be returned to us with copies of the decedent’s estate planning documents three days prior to the initial consultation.